Soft Skills

Motivation & the
Pursuit of Success

Realizing your potential and the role of adversity in the pursuit of personal and professional growth

Effective Communication

Explore the complications and inner workings of the process, then learn ways and means to improve your interactions.

Task & Time Management

Methods that help you manage your time and tasks more efficiently, making you more productive in the workplace, and how to recognize and overcome unproductive behaviour.

Preparing for Interviews & Interactions

Walk through the process of preparing for an interview or business meeting, and learn from your experiences to improve future interactions.

Essentials of Business Finance

Business Finance
Basics & Concepts

An Introduction to Business Finance,
Benefits of Understanding Finance,
Types of Business & Business Entities,
and Types of Business Transactions.

Constructing Financial Statements

See how to draw up Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements.

Understand Depreciation, the Business Cash Cycle, Cash & Accrual Accounting Methods and how to account for Inventory Stock.

More Important Concepts

Learn about the Time Value of Money and the Working Capital-Cash Flow relationship.

See how Bank Reconciliation, Audit and Budgeting processes work.

Also includes a brief explanation of the new Indian Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Essentials of Materials Management

Basic Concepts,
Definitions & Objectives

An overview of the world of Materials Management and Inventory Control.

Explains essential concepts of Inventory Management, Financial Implications and Costs Classification.

ABC Analysis

The origin, derivation and application of the Economic Order Quantity model, with a realistic example.

Why MRP replaced EOQ, concepts,components and inputs to MRP, and a walkthrough example of creating a Material Requirements Plan.

Objectives, basis and methods of Materials Classification, with a particular focus on ABC Analysis.

Purchase Management,
Warehouse Management,
MM in ERP Systems

The role and function of Purchase Management, its activities and interactions with other business processes, and methods of Cost Control.

Objectives, function and optimal design principles of Warehouse Management, managing transactions and record-keeping, plus the valuation, verification and adjustment of stocks.

An overview of how Materials Management fits into Enterprise Resource Planning, with an example of the procurement process in ERP.

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